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Our clinic offers orthodontics and maxillofacial orthopedics as well as providing advice to patients with requirements in other dentistry specialties. A team of specialists is available for evaluation ensuring our patients receive quality care.

Membership in the American Society of Orthodontists allows us to transfer our patients to any reciprocal professional colleague in the world, because our procedures follow international standards.

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ORTODONCIA ECUADOR® // CUENCA Dirección: Tarqui 8-21 y Sucre, primer piso alto. Telefax (593) 7 284-1213 Celular-Whatsapp: 095 8956247
MACHALA Dirección: Av. Las Palmeras 6-03 y Marcel Laniado. Telefax (593) 7 296-0357 Celular-Whatsapp: 099 5158229
LOJA Dirección: Av. Nueva Loja 11.32 y Guayaquil , Edificio Suites del Río planta baja. Telefax (593) 7 2720163 Celular-Whatsapp: 0987213742